Raft Guide Dinners

May 2021 Update - Raft Guide Dinners are ON for Summer 2021

Dear Friends of the Raft Guide Dinners!

We have missed you and hope that your are safe and healthy!  We have some GOOD NEWS to share!!!!

We have been given the green light from Chaffee County Public Health to pursue our Raft Guide Dinners this summer when we transform them from an indoor dining experience to an outdoor dining experience in our parking lot, under large event tents.  With our commitment to practicing COVID safety protocols at every gathering, there have been many, many logistical details to work out on behalf of the success of these dinners.

In addition to hosting these dinners outside, another important change is that we will work with various local restaurants (very happy to support them) to help provide food for our themed dinners, which we will still provide each week. Any additional food we prepare, will be done here at the church and a significant amount of supporting items will be commercially prepared or purchased.  We continue our commitment to serve our Raft Guide Community by providing a delicious meal, warm shower if wanted and an opportunity to gather (safely) in community!

Please know, we are in constant conversation with Chaffee County Public Health, monitoring our county’s numbers and will follow their recommendation regarding our ability to safely gather for our Raft Guide Dinners.  Just so you know, our 2021 dinners will begin on Wednesday, June 9th and go through Wednesday, July 28th (8 weeks)!

Here’s some more good news to share!!! We recently received a $5000 grant from the Pueblo St. Paul Memorial Endowment Fund to support our Raft Guide Dinner program specifically for these proposed changes for this summer. Additional funds from faithful supporters are coming in! We are very happy that we were the winner of the May 2021 Salida Soup, which brought us an additional $500! Thank you to everyone that voted for us! AND...at the time of this writing, Salida UMC held their 5th Sunday Giving Opportunity and dedicated those donations  to go to the Raft Guide Dinners!  We are well on our way  and we are so very grateful!

 If you have any questions, please call our office at (719) 539-2755 or email the office at: office@saliaumc.org

2021 Dinner Menu Themes

(Vegetarian Options Always Available; this summer we'll be implimenting gluten-free options as well!)

June 9:    Grill Night
June 16:   Italian Dinner
June 23:   Breakfast for Dinner
June 30:   Chicken Dinner   
July 7:       Pizza Dinner
July 14:     Mexican Dinner
July 21:     BBQ Dinner
July 28:     Chef's Special
                 (last dinner of the season)